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DCO042 - Python For Informatics (Map)

This is a course to teach basic Python programming skills through data analysis. The book and course materials are all free and licensed as Creative Commons. There is no complex math in the course, the programs are generally quite short, and the workload is no more than a few hours per week. By the time you complete the course, you will understand be able to read, parse, and manipulate data using Python. Hopefully at the end of the course you will like programming well enough to take another course in programming or web development. You can register and launch, take the course, and earn your place on the map at any time and at your own pace.

The reusable and remixable OER materials for this course can be downloaded here.
This course is Open Enrollment.

PR4E - Programming for Everybody (Coursera)

The Dr. Chuck Online Python course is now available on Coursera and is called "Programming for Everybody". The Coursera version of the course will be given at various start times during the year. If you want to learn the material at your own pace, you can still take Python for Informatics self-paced here and earn a Dr. Chuck badge. Both courses feature the same materials. The course continues to feature a complete set of CC-BY licensed Open Educational Materials.

IHTS - Internet History, Technology, and Security (Coursera)

This course is taught by Dr. Chuck on Coursera and covers the impact of technology and networks on our lives, culture, and society continues to increase. The very fact that you can take this course from anywhere in the world requires a technological infrastructure that was designed, engineered, and built over the past sixty years. To function in an information-centric world, we need to understand the workings of network technology. This course will open up the Internet and show you how it was created, who created it and how it works. Along the way we will meet many of the innovators who developed the Internet and Web technologies that we use today.

This is not an official activity of the University of Michigan or School of Information in any way. There will be no certificates and no credit - just learning for learning sake and learning about learning. This is my research into how we learn and you are welcome to participate. The contents of this web site (other than the end-user produced content) are Copyright Creative Commons Attribution by Charles R. Severance.