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The purpose of me building my own MOOC infrastructure is too explore some of the areas of teaching and learning that I feel are missing from the mainstream MOOC platforms and efforts. I think that these platforms will eventually address the issues near and dear to my heart but not quickly enough for me.

Don't get me wrong. I love Coursera and love teaching on Coursera and love seeing how others teach and learn with Coursera. I really enjoy teaching my Internet History, Technology, and Security and Programming for Everybody courses on Coursera. I also am taking pedagogy and technical inspiration from the excellent Coursera Interactive Programming in Python course taught by Joe Warren, Scott Rixner, John Greiner, and Stephen Wong of Rice University. I would suggest that after students complete my Python course, if they are interested in more programming, that they would take the Rice course. The technology I use here will never be as slick as Coursera because I am one person putting this all together with no financial support or an army of grad students - I am lashing open source stuff together to make my own MOOC.

My goal once I gain experience with this approach and my prototype pieces work successfully is to make it so that this class can be a MOOC in any MOOC or LMS platform including Coursera, CourseSites, Sakai, Moodle, Blackboard, GradeCraft, Joule, or Canvas. I picked Moodle first because it has the best IMS LTI Provider support thanks to Juan Levya. All the software I write will be open source and all the content I build will be Creative Commons Attribution. I want this all to be used as examples and remixed.

The technology I am using includes Moodle, Piazza, YouTube, Google WebSite Translation, Twitter Bootstrap, and Sakai, as well as using IMS Learning Tools Interoperability to implement my service-oriented mashup of functionality.

My first course is based on my free/open book titled Python for Informatics: Exploring Data. I keep most of my cool stuff in GitHub - and even this site is on GitHub.

If you are a teacher and interested in reusing my materials, this is my plan:

So give me a little time and stay in touch if you are a teacher interested in reusing this content, software, or technology. I should probably start a Google Community or something about this... Hmmm. For now I need to write code.

This experiment is hosted on servers provided to me at no charge by the University of Michigan School of Information and I am very thankful for that.

Charles Severance - Mon Oct 21 09:45:03 EDT 2013

This is not an official activity of the University of Michigan or School of Information in any way. There will be no certificates and no credit - just learning for learning sake and learning about learning. This is my research into how we learn and you are welcome to participate. The contents of this web site (other than the end-user produced content) are Copyright Creative Commons Attribution by Charles R. Severance.